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Use Debt or Future tokens and Equity to raise funds, using only one platform.
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SAFETI is an open-source protocol that allows you to create a simple agreement between you and your investors for future stake in the form of equity, token or interest. The blockchain allows your company to combine the reliability and traceability of the boardroom approach, with the speed and ease of crowd-funding.

How does it work?

1. Create a funding round

Use the SAFETI protocol to set the parameters of your funding round; minimum investment, type of assets offered, duration etc.

2. Deploy the SAFETI contract

Deploy the SAFETI contract on the Ethereum blockchain. This creates a public record of your funding event, and allows investors to find and participate in the round.

3. Receive the funding

Investors can now trade Ethereum or tokens for the assets you are offering, directly on the blockchain, the system is completely decentralised and open to anyone meeting the requirements you set.

For Entrepreneurs

Get started with raising funds faster.
Get access to your investment capital sooner.
Gain control over your agreement.

For Investors

Improve transparency in the fundraising process.
Get better protection for your digital assets.
Increase the liquidity of your investments.


The SAFETI protocol is based on a series of smart contracts that outline the terms of the funding round. It serves as both the legal agreement and the technical backend for the transactions themselves.

The NFTs that are minted by the contract act as bearer bonds, representing a real-world asset that the company owes the holder, be that in the form of equity, interest or participation in a future token offering.

In order to interact with the contract a user has to agree to the outlined terms and conditions, otherwise the transaction will be void and the token invalidated. This protects both the investors and the fundraising entity, while maintaining simplicity for all parties involved.

The Process

Company A wants to raise $250,000 investment to increase their production capacity.
They set up a SAFETI, agreeing to tokenise 10% of their equity at a $2.5M valuation.
Contract is deployed and the funding round starts.
Investors purchase tokens from the contract, getting equity NFTs in exchange for ETH.
At the end of the funding round the raised ETH is transferred to Company A.
Investors can now trade their equity tokens just as any other ERC20 token or NFT (depending on funding round configuration) on the market.
Investors who hold tokens during an exercise event can convert them to equity and cash out.

Frequently Asked

Do I need to pay you for SAFETI?

No, the SAFETI agreement is open-source and available for anyone to use to create a funding round.

How do I receive my funding?

The funding is raised in the form of ETH or ERC20 tokens (such as USDT, WBTC etc), depending on how you configured your funding event. At the end of the funding round these funds become available to the contract owner.

How much does it cost to use a SAFETI?

The cost of raising funding using SAFETI is simply the cost of the transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. You need to deploy your contract and pay for any additional transactions you need to make on the blockchain itself. It is hard to estimate the exact cost given the fluctuating price of Ethereum and the variable transaction cost on the network.

Can SAFETI help me get funding?

Our hope is that using SAFETI will make it easier to set up a funding round and to find investment. We are working on additional tools on top of the contract itself to make the process of discovery easier for investors and startups alike.

How is this different from an ICO?

An ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, simply offers a token in exchange for funding, what this token represents varies from company to company, but in some cases it has no connection to the company behind it at all. SAFETI allows for the tokenisation of traditional assets such as equity and interest, in addition to tokens, while still being entirely based on the blockchain.

How is this different from a SAFE?

SAFETI is an extension of the SAFE document that has been used in venture capital for years. SAFETI takes this agreement and expands it to include token as well as interest assets, and by allowing for tokenisation of the assets involved. Combining the ease of an ICO with the reliability of a SAFE.

Why should I invest in a SAFETI?

SAFETI provides a legal framework governing your investment, while still being a digital asset that can be bought and sold as easily as any token. It's the best of both worlds.

Why are you doing this?

The SAFETI team has years of experience in the startup fundraising and venture capital space. We believe the blockchain can help make this process more transparent and easier for all parties involved.

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